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The customer case study: 100% inedible — but an incredibly effective marketing tool

Remember “The Incredible, Edible Egg” ad campaign that launched in 1976? One of the core themes of the campaign was (still is, in fact) the versatility of eggs. From breakfast, snacks and salads to beverages, custards and cakes, there’s hardly a food category where this humble oval hasn’t gone! Apologies for cracking open this analogy, […]

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Customer case studies: Are you talking to the right people? Asking the right questions?

Imagine this: You have a “five-star customer” — someone who absolutely loves your company and can’t say enough good things about one of your products or services. This high level of devotion inspires you to ask the customer, “Would you mind sharing your experiences with us by participating in a case study?” Without hesitation, the […]

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